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Boost Your Metabolism & Get Energized – Vitamin Injections Columbia SC

Give yourself an extra boost with a vitamin injection! B Vitamins for energy, biotin for beauty, toradol for pain – there’s an option which will benefit everyone!

These effective treatments are more bioavailable than dietary supplements and provide fast relief from a wide variety of symptoms. When you find a dynamic, high-energy medical spa like Vivid Aesthetics, you’ll leave looking and feeling like a Rockstar!

What Are Vitamin Injections?

Vitamin injections are a method of delivering essential vitamins and medications directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system for more efficient absorption and faster effects.

These injections ensure that your body receives the necessary nutrients in their most potent form, helping to support various bodily functions and improve overall well-being.

The Benefits of Vitamin Injections

Vitamin injections provide rapid benefits by delivering essential nutrients and medications directly into your bloodstream for immediate and lasting effects. Here are some of their key benefits:

  • Boost Energy Levels: Fight fatigue and increase your energy levels!
  • Improved Metabolism: Boost your metabolism to assist with weight loss.
  • Pain Relief: Provides effective, non-opiate pain management and reduces inflammation.
  • Healthier Skin, Hair, and Nails: Promotes stronger, healthier skin, hair, and nails.
  • Enhanced Mental Clarity: Improves cognitive function, focus, and mood.
  • Strengthened Immune System: Supports immune health, helping to fend off illnesses.
  • Quick and Convenient: Offers a fast and convenient way to receive essential nutrients and medications without the need for oral supplements.

Our Vitamin & Medication Injections

Get the vitamins you need to keep your energy levels high, stay focussed, and let your natural beauty shine:

B-Complex Injection

Several B vitamins in one powerful punch! Feel more energized and alert without any caffeine jitters!
(Does not include B12.)

Lipo-Mino Injection

This lipotropic treatment, often known as the ‘Skinny Shot,’ includes 4 B Vitamins (including full dose of B12, B1, B2, B6) and MIC (methionine, inositol and choline) to help rev your metabolism and burn fat.

Vitamin B12 Injection

Increase energy, boost metabolism and up your focus! Vitamin B-12 is naturally found in red meat which means that vegans and vegetarians diets often lack this essential vitamin!

Biotin Injection

Biotin, sometimes referred to as vitamin B7, supports hair, nail, and skin health. This shot helps your body to achieve a natural, radiant glow!

Zofran Injection

Get rapid relief from nausea with this prescription anti-nausea medication. If you suffer from migraines that come with nausea this treatment can be life changing!

Toradol Injection

Prescription, non-opiate, anti-inflammatory medication for pain, discomfort and inflammation. A great option for migraine sufferers.

Suggested Pairing

IV Hydration Drip Treatment: Our standard IV drip treatment includes 500mL of perfectly balanced saline to replenish and rehydrate. Customize your treatment with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, supplements and more for relief from a wide variety of symptoms.

Rockstar Results Are Waiting For You

Boost your energy levels fast so you can get back to your rockstar lifestyle!
Are you ready to feel the benefits of vitamin injections?


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The Vivid Aesthetics Difference

Life’s too short for dull moments, instead, be Vivid!

Vivid Aesthetics is more than just a beauty spa – it is a place where edgy meets elegant, and every visit is a bold and exciting experience!
By choosing Vivid you are getting treatments performed by medical professionals and experienced estheticians – ensuring the best results, no matter your goals!

The Benefits of Being Vivid

Get the best results from our team of medical professionals and experienced estheticians. Have a particular concern you want addressed? During your pre-treatment consultation your esthetician will work with you to understand your unique needs and develop a treatment plan for you.
Get rapid relief from fatigue, improve your mood, and feel your best with high potency vitamin injections. Customize your treatment and select the options that your body craves!

Who said beauty has to be boring? Instead of struggling to stay awake in a dark room, the fun, high-energy atmosphere of Vivid Aesthetics means that when you finish your treatment, you’ll leave feeling energized and beautiful!

  • Experienced medical professionals
  • Scientifically proven supplements and prescription strength treatments
  • Enjoy yourself and leave feeling energized and beautiful


Our Team

Health and wellness treatments are able to do tremendous good – when they are performed by well-trained, knowledgeable medical professionals. Unfortunately, the field of esthetics does not have a central certifying body – and so it is essential for individuals to check that their medspas have well-qualified team members.

Your treatments at Vivid Aesthetics are backed by decades of medical experience, allowing you to reap the benefits of advanced treatment methods alongside the safety and surety of professional medical practices.

Andrea Sarata

Andrea brings a wealth of medical experience to Vivid Aesthetics and is a board certified physician assistant with over 15 years of experience in emergency medicine, urgent care, burn treatment, wound care, and surgery.

Andrea is part of the dynamic duo which founded Vivid Aesthetics, and is deeply passionate about the world of beauty and wellness.

Shelley Simmons

Shelley is the other half of Vivid’s dynamic duo and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the spa. A certified family nurse practitioner with 8 years experience working as an ICU nurse and 2 years of internal medicine practice, Shelley loves being able to help her clients look and feel their best!

Filled with boundless energy and contagious enthusiasm, it’s easy to see why Shelley’s clients love coming back!

Dr. Jeffrey Sarata

After graduating as valedictorian from high school, Dr. Jeff became a pilot at age 18. Not content to stop at that, he became a board-certified emergency medicine physician. After his residency, Dr. Jeff entered the Air Force as an Emergency Medicine attending physician and completed three deployments as a Critical Care Air Transport physician keeping our soldiers alive on overseas flights back to the United States.

Today, Dr. Jeff has over 15 years of medical experience and brings his expertise, excellent bedside manner, and an enthusiasm for health and wellness to Vivid Aesthetics.

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Do you offer appointments on weekends?

Please call us or send us a message to inquire about our weekend and after-hours availability.

Are vitamin injections better than oral supplements?

Vitamin injections have significantly greater bioavailability than oral supplements and are immediately available for your body to use since they bypass the digestive tract.

How long do vitamin injections last in your body?

Vitamin injections provide immediate benefits, with effects typically felt within minutes to hours. The noticeable improvements, such as increased energy and reduced fatigue, can last from a few days up to a week.

Certain treatments, like vitamin B12 shots, offer longer-lasting benefits, often for several weeks to a couple months. Regular injections ensure consistent nutrient levels and sustained benefits.

Are there any side effects?

Vitamin injections are generally safe, but some people may experience mild side effects such as mild pain at the injection site. Most side effects are temporary and resolve quickly.

What is your cancellation/no show policy?

We understand that situations may arise which may force you to cancel or postpone a treatment and are happy to make changes or cancellations as long as we receive notice at least 24 hours in advance.
In the event that you are unable to provide 24 hours notice of your change or fail to keep your appointment, then your credit card may be charged $100 for the visit.